Adding a Microsoft Office 365 organization

To add a Microsoft Office 365 organization

  1. Sign in to the backup console as a company administrator.
  2. Click Devices > Add > Microsoft Office 365 for Business.
  3. Select the Microsoft data center used by your organization.

    The software redirects you to the Microsoft Office 365 login page.

  4. Sign in with the Office 365 global administrator credentials.

    Microsoft Office 365 displays a list of permissions that are necessary to back up and recover your organization's data.

  5. Confirm that you grant the backup service these permissions.

As a result, your organization's data items appear in the backup console on the Microsoft Office 365 page.

Tips for further usage

  • The cloud agent synchronizes with Office 365 every 24 hours, starting from the moment when the organization is added to the backup service. If you add or remove a user, group, or site, you will not see this change in the backup console immediately. To forcibly synchronize the cloud agent with Office 365, select the organization on the Microsoft Office 365 page, and then click Refresh.
  • If you applied a backup plan to the All users, All groups, or All sites group, the newly added items will be included in the backup only after the synchronization.
  • According to Microsoft policy, after a user, group, or site is removed from Office 365 GUI, it remains available for a few days via the API. During these days, the removed item is inactive (grayed out) in the backup console and is not backed up. When the removed item becomes unavailable via the API, it disappears from the backup console. Its backups (if any) can be found at Backups > Microsoft Office 365 backups.
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