How do I release a quarantined message to a Google Workspace user?


How do I release a quarantined message to the user?


  • At least one quarantine policy is configured
  • At least one inbound message is quarantined
  • Allow delivery of quarantined message


After setting up and configuring policies for a quarantine, you can view and manage messages in it.

Open the admin quarantine:

  1. From the Admin console, go to Appsand thenGoogle Workspaceand thenGmailand thenManage quarantines.
  2. Click Go to admin quarantine to display all the quarantines.

Tip: You can view any quarantine's current settings by clicking  next to the quarantine name and choosing Settings.

Allow delivery of quarantined messages to the user:

Check the box to the left of each recipient name, and then click Allow.

If a user doesn’t see an allowed message in their inbox, ask them to search for the message in all folders, including the Trash folder.

Note: Some messages are rejected at connection time. Those messages are not routed to the Admin quarantine, even if you selected the Put spam in administrative quarantine option in your Spam setting.

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