How to Sign in into Printix

If you see Sign in with Microsoft, select this to sign in with your Microsoft work or school account.

If you see Sign in with Google, select this and sign in with your Google Workspace account (not

If you registered with your email address, then select Sign in with another method, and then Sign in with email and enter your email address as the username. If Active Directory authentication is enabled, you can sign in with your network Username and Password.

Pick a Printix Home

When you sign in to the native Printix App or from you may be asked to Pick a Printix Home. This happens if:

  • Sign in with Microsoft and Azure AD is used with multiple Printix Homes.
  • Sign in with Google and Google Workspace is used with multiple Printix Homes.
  • Sign in with email and your Printix account is registered with multiple Printix Homes.

If you want to change to another Printix Home (tenant), then select Menu , and Change home 

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