5.17 How to reset ID code or PIN code for Printix App

The ID code and PIN code can be reset from the Cards and codes  menu in Printix App.
The printer’s Sign in touchscreen that asks for ID code and the touchscreen that asks for PIN code, also includes a Forgot code link.

  1. Select Forgot code, to open a new screen with a QR code and the text: Scan QR code or visit acme.printix.net.
  2. Use the camera on your phone or tablet to scan the QR code to open the Cards and codes  menu in Printix App.
    • With iOS/iPadOS 11 or later, you can use the camera app to scan the QR code.
    • With Google App installed on your Android phone and tablet you can activate Google Screen search to scan the QR code.
    • If your QR Scanner App (not part of Printix) offer you to open the link in a browser, then chose this.

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