6.3 What are the benefits of Printix?

As a user Printix gives you flexibility to:

  • Print when and where you want
    The Printix Anywhere printer allow you to roam between printers and collect the document at the printer you choose.
  • Avoid stressful print and sprint
    Wait until you have arrived at the printer, and then release the documents via your phone. That way, you prevent others from collecting your confidential and sensitive documents.
  • Make fewer visits to the printer
    Submit documents for printing, but postpone the actual collection of the documents until it suits you to release them.
  • Delete documents you regret printing
    From your computer, tablet or phone you can easily delete documents you did not need anyway. Without Print later such documents would go straight from the printer’s output bin to the wastepaper basket without having been used.
  • Reprint documents
    Documents can be reprinted until 12 hours after they are marked for deletion. You can reprint documents straight from your phone. No need to walk back to your computer and print the document all over again.

Printix also creates a Win-Win situation for your company and our environment:

  • Reduced printing saves on paper and toner
    By not printing documents that never get collected anyway, your company saves money on paper, toner, maintenance and electricity.
  • Environmental benefits
    Fewer trees are cut down to produce paper thus reducing carbon footprint and water usage.
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