6.1 Why are printers named ASD, BNM, … ?

All Printix printers gets a unique three-letter ID, also known as, the printer ID. This makes it efficient to search for printers and easy to identify the printers.

  • Search  for printer is efficient
    • If Printix manage 26 or fewer printers you only have to enter the first letter when searching for a printer.
    • Uppercase and lowercase letters are treated the same.
  • Identifying the printer is made easy
    • Printer ID sign mounted on the physical printer includes the printer ID.
    • Print queues are named so they include the printer ID.

How many printers can be supported?

The three-letter ID is based on the alphabet’s 26 letters and allows for up to 15,600 printers. If you need more, the software will automatically use four-letter IDs with support for a total of 374,400 printers.

Keyboard sequence

The sequence of the letters for the first 78 printer IDs are grouped together on the keyboard to optimize searching for printers by their ID.

Printer ID examples:

  • Reception ASD
  • Sales BNM


Keyboard sequence for printer ASD and BNM
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