6.4 Can I print while my Internet connection is lost?

Yes, in most cases, you can continue to print while the Internet connection is lost, but functionality is limited.

Without an Internet connection you are temporarily unable to:

  • Sign in to Printix
  • Add printers
  • Access this manual
  • Release documents
  • Reprint recent documents

As long as you remain signed in and keep your computer powered on, you can:

  • Print directly to your printers on the network.
  • Print to a Printix Anywhere printer, but you can not release any documents.
  • Print later, but you can not release any documents.

What happens when the Internet connection is back?

When the Internet connection is back, all functionality is working again and documents can be:

  • Released
    Including any Print anywhere and Print later documents you submitted while the Internet connection was lost.
  • Reprinted
    Including any documents you submitted with Print while the Internet connection was lost.
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