4.2 See what’s printing

  1. Open Printix Client to see the menu.
  2. Select See what’s printing.
    Documents will only be visible for a short period of time, unless they are queued behind other documents or if they are waiting for the printer to become available.
  • Printer
    The name of the printer.
  • Document name
    The name of the documents.
  • Pages
    The number of pages in the document.
  • Size
    The size of the document.
  • Started
    The time and date the document was submitted.
  • Status
    Can take on these states:
    • Waiting
      Waiting for the printer to become ready.
    • Waiting to reserve printer
      Another Printix user is printing on this printer, and during this time the printer is reserved. As soon as the documents have been printed the printer is no longer reserved. In case there is no communication, the printer reservation is automatically cleared after 5 minutes. By reserving the printer, other users’ documents will not be intermixed with your documents, and this reduces the risk of users mistakenly collecting other users’ documents from the printer’s output bin.
    • Connecting
      Connecting to the printer.
    • Printing
      The document is being transferred to the printer and printed.
    • Error
      There is some sort of error.
    • Printer error
      There is an error on the printer. Please check its status and resolve the error, perhaps by restarting it.
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