4.3.1 Install Printix Client for Windows


These instructions are for the EXE file. Administrators can download the Microsoft Installer (MSI) package.

On your Windows  computer:

  1. Open a web browser and enter the Printix Home of your work or school (acme) followed by /download
    Example: acme.printix.net/download
  2. Select Download Printix Client.

!Do NOT rename the file, as it will prevent it from working with your Printix Home.


Open and run the downloaded file:

  1. Select CLIENT_{home}_{id}.EXE to start the installation.
    User Account Control dialog may appear asking you if you want to allow the Printix Client Setup program to make changes on this computer. Select Yes.
  2. Change setup language if required. Select OK.
  3. The Setup – Printix Client wizard appears. Select Next.
  4. Select Install. The installation begins.
  5. The installation completes. Select Finish.

Sign in

*Sign in to Printix Client is automatic on Azure AD joined Windows 10 computers. Works with Windows 10 editions: Pro, Enterprise and Education. Microsoft does not support Azure AD Join on the Windows 10 Home edition.

  1. Sign in to Printix Client.
    • This is required first time.
    • After successful sign in to Printix Client you can close the browser window.

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You can always Open Printix Client  from the notification area.

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