What backup methods are available?

Full and incremental backup methods are available through several backup schemes. Regardless of
the backup scheme, the first task run produces a full backup; subsequent task runs produce
incremental backups. The following backup schemes are available:

  • Manual start (postponed start). You can run the task again manually.
  • Simple (start on schedule). With this backup scheme, you can set up a retention rule to automatically delete old backups.
  • GFS (Grandfather-Father-Son) (start on schedule). You specify which of the daily backups to consider as weekly backups and monthly backups. You can set up separate retention rules for daily, weekly, and monthly backups.
  • Tower of Hanoi (start on schedule). You set up the number of levels. This is the number of backups stored at a time. The excessive backups will be deleted in a manner that leaves more recovery points for recent dates and fewer recovery points for older dates.
  • An additional backup scheme that is available only for cloud backups is Initial seeding. With this scheme, the backup starts immediately to a local destination and using the full backup method. To use this scheme, you need a license for the Initial Seeding (p. 31) service.
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