Service Suspension Policy Explained

BaseHost provides services on a monthly or annual billing basis. As each billing period ticks over, your payment source will be debited on the due date. Occasionally people overspend on that card or forget to update it when it expires and that can cause a problem for your services with us. Most of the time this can be remedied quickly. If you forget, we will always reach out and contact you (either by automated email reminders or manual tickets and phone calls if it's getting a bit too late).

Our policy Services will be suspended due to non-payment. Often a question that comes up if a customer intends to be away or unreachable and their account is unpaid - we recommend if they know they are going away to add credit to their account in advance to ensure continuity of their services.

Customers can make an advance payment of up to $1000 in advance each time with a total balance at any time of $3000 for their account to draw down on if they wish.


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