Billing and Payment Information

BaseHost supports Visa, MasterCard and AMEX credit card payments for our services. Additionally, we also accept Direct Debit payments from Bank Accounts. We do not accept Cheque, Cash or Bank Transfers (EFT).

The billing cycle of your services will determine how often these payments are taken by our system. In most cases it will be monthly but there are services we provide that have yearly or quarterly billing options as well.

In order to ensure your services remain active, it's important you maintain an up-to-date credit card as a payment option in our Control Panel. Once logged in to the BaseHost Control Panel, you can navigate to Account > Payment Methods > Add New Payment Method to add a card or a bank account.

BaseHost uses eWay as its merchant payment provider for Australian clients and PayFlow for all other international payments. Your credit card is not stored by BaseHost for recurring billing, but instead, we store a token to use when transacting and processing your payments with eWay or PayFlow.

To keep our pricing fair for you, as we only offer credit card and direct debit as a payment options, we do not add credit card surcharge fees to our invoices.

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