Recover email that's still in your Deleted Items or Junk Email Folder

When you delete an email message, contact, calendar item, or task, it's moved to the Deleted Items folder. If you don't see a message in the Deleted Items folder, check the Junk Email folder.


1. In the left pane, select the Deleted Items folder or the Junk Email folder.

Note: Contents of deleted folders are only visible once you expand the Deleted Items folder:

2. Do one of the following:

Deleted Items folder: Select the message you want to recover. To recover all messages, select the circle by Deleted Items and then select Restore.


  • You can only select all if all messages are visible. This is to prevent accidental actions on messages you cannot see.

  • Ctrl+Click selects individual messages, Shift+Click selects everything between two clicks.

  • You can't restore messages that have been deleted from your Deleted Items folder.

  • Messages that were in a deleted folder can only be restored by selecting Move to and choosing a folder that's not been deleted.

- Junk Email folder: 

Select the message you want to recover, and select Not junk.


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