Office 365 - Scheduling a meeting with others in Outlook Web App



To set up a meeting with others using Outlook Web App, you will want to use the Scheduling Assistant.



  1. Select Calendar at the top of the Outlook Web App window.
  2. Select New event

     Tip    You can start entering meeting information here, or wait until you've finished with the Scheduling Assistant.

  3. Select Scheduling assistant.

The date, time, duration of your meeting, and any attendees that you added before you opened the Scheduling Assistant will be carried over and you can change them as needed.


Type the names of people you want to invite in the Attendees box (see red below). This box works just like the To line in a new message. Outlook Web App will search for matches as you type. If no match is found, or the matches returned aren't correct, you can search for attendees.

Each person you add will automatically be added as Required. To change that status, right-click the name or, if you're using a touch device, touch and hold the name, and then select Attendance optional. As you add people you'll see a count of the total number of people invited and how many conflicts there are.

To remove an attendee, select the remove icon  next to their name.


As you add attendees and a location, their calendar information will appear in the calendar grid along with your own (see green below) . You can select day (see yellow; this is the view displayed) or week view at the top of the calendar. If you select week view, the calendar grid will show a merged view of the attendees' calendars.

 Tip    In week view, you can hover over a block of time to see more information about conflicts at that time.



You can select Add a room at the bottom of the Scheduling Assistant to see conference rooms from your organization's address list. The Scheduling Assistant automatically shows only rooms that are available at the time you've currently set, but you can see other rooms if you want to.

After you've selected a room, it will be added to the calendar grid. You can change the conference room by selecting Change room. To remove the conference room, right-click it or, if you're using a touch device, touch and hold it, and then select Remove.



When you've finished, select  OK to save your changes or  Discard to cancel. (see blue above)

You'll be returned to the new event window, where you can finish adding details to your meeting. When you've finished, select  Send to send the invitation, or  Discard to cancel all your changes.

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