Email Migration


Email migration is a topic that comes up a lot with new clients. BaseHost utilises Office 365 for all of it's email services and so every migration we perform is moving email to Office 365.

Our email migration is a paid service and it's charged per mailbox that we need to move.

The migration process itself depends heavily or where we're migrating from (i.e. an old POP/IMAP environment, another Exchange on-premise environment, Gmail or G-Suite - we're able to cover all of these comfortably. The size of the type of mailbox does not change the price but it can change the time in which the migration takes place.

Typically, we take a risk-free approach with your email and ensure that we make changes to your DNS settings so any new email is sent to the new Office 365 services and we then hook up your devices to the new account.

We then wait for 24 hours to let those changes propagate properly. Any errant mail during this time is still sent to the old mail environment. Once that timeframe is over, we backup the old mail (and in some cases, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, etc.) and prepare these to be migrated to your new account.

We generally perform these changes outside of your regular business hours to minimise any impact on you or your staff.

At this point in the process, you new mail is already arrived to your newly connect Office365 service and your old mail should be synchronising in to your devices based on the settings you've chosen with those devices.

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