When are BaseHost available to support me?

This article talks about the best way to get support from the various BaseHost teams. It also covers how and when they are available.

BaseHost provides services across a variety of areas. Depending on what type of services you have will dictate how you should get support.


General Overview

Regardless of what type or variety of service you have with BaseHost, all customers can reach the 24 hour support team via Phone, Live Chat and Email.

Important: BaseHost provide a significant number of channels for support and a wide range of times available for support. As such, any requests for support or service requests not made through these channels will not be supported and may lead to an incident not being worked or on a service request not being fulfilled. If requests outside these channels arise the person receiving them will typically advise you to contact support through one of the accepted channels.


Telephone Support Phone Numbers:

  • AU: 1300 621 888 or +61 3 9111 5358
  • US: +1 (888) 708 9515
  • UK: +44 800 046 5360
  • NZ: +64 9887 7839

When calling any of these numbers, you will be presented with a recording greeting and then given options to best route your call. Our telephone services are manned by our in-house support teams and they operate 24 hours a day.



  • General Support: support@basehost.com.au
  • Accounts & Billing: accounts@basehost.com.au
  • Managed Services: managed@basehost.com.au
  • Marketing Services: marketing@basehost.com.au
  • Sales and New Orders: sales@basehost.com.au
  • Domain Names: domains@basehost.com.au
  • Projects and Implementations: projects@basehost.com.au

All the email addresses above are setup to route to our ticketing and service management systems. When sending an email to these addresses for an issue or a service request, you will be provided with an email confirmation that contains a ticket reference ID that we may refer to whilst we're servicing your request or dealing with your issue.


Self Service Support & Live Chat

BaseHost have an extensive library of articles written by our staff for the services we provide. This allows all of our customers to attempt to solve their issues without speaking to us. In the event that this is not possible for a customer to solve their issue from one of our articles, a ticket can be raised or a Live Chat can be initiated with our support team. The Live Chat option is available from our Self Service Help Center (https://support.basehost.com.au) or from our main website (https://www.basehost.com.au) in the bottom right-hand corner of either site.


Access and Security

For security reasons, BaseHost staff will only provide support to authorised personnel from existing customers. If you are not authorised by our customer, we will ask you to obtain authorisation from an authorised staff member of our customer.

Requests for access for the relevant client contact must be made formally in writing by requesting this through the ticketing process.



The BaseHost Support Team operate 24 hours a day. This means if you call, you will be able to reach someone and discuss your service, issue a request or log a fault. However, whilst some services are active on weekends, the teams that deliver them do not work on weekends or after hours and are not available on weekends or after hours. The list of availability for the different services are enclosed below:

  • Website builds: Business hours only
  • Marketing campaign changes or implementation: Business hours only
  • Hosting and Domain Support: 24 hours
  • Website Managed Services: 24 hours
  • Office365 Support: 24 hours
  • IT Managed Services: 24 hours (for applicable service packages)
  • Design or Structural Changes to Operational Services (of any kind): Business hours only
  • Project Implementation (of any kind): Business hours only
  • Customer Training: Business hours only
  • Virtual CIO Services: Business hours only

Note: Out of hours support may be made available by prior agreement for any of the services listed above and depending on the circumstances may incur a fee which is charged at our standard hourly rate for after hours service. If BaseHost require the work to be conducted out of hours as part of a project implementation or support process, this would be covered as part of any project implementation fees or existing Managed Services. Either way, the BaseHost team member will advise in advance if costs are applicable to service the request and no work will commence until an appropriate cost approval is provided from an authorised staff member.


Escalation and Account Management

If a customer is not satisfied with the level of support being provided by any BaseHost team member, they can request that the issue is escalated to a senior team member or management. 

As all of our senior team, management and account managers have access to our support system, this escalation will be visible to any of the applicable people who will take the escalation. 

For customers who have services with a dedicated account manager, they will be able to phone and speak with that Account Manager to discuss the issue with them. Account Managers are not equipped to resolve service faults or implementation delays however they are there to act as a facilitator between the customer and the BaseHost teams to reach a successful outcome for the customer.


Note: An escalation exists for the sole purpose of resolving and issue or a service request. It does not exist as a vehicle for clients to have particular staff members to work on their issue at their request. The escalation process we follow is such that a senior member of staff will work with the BaseHost support team in an attempt to resolve the blockage or issue on the ticket and will always work with the scope and parameters of the service and support levels that the customer has.


Remote Assistance and Onsite Support

By default, all BaseHost services and support are provided on a remote basis. To achieve this we implement remote access tools with clients who have the appropriate services in place to achieve this. 


Access to Remote Desktop Services

If a client does not have a paid service that includes remote support, we can and do still provide support over the phone and over email/ticket however we will not deploy any remote access tools for clients who do not have a paid service that includes this facility.

For clients that do have access to these services, it is expected that the remote access service tools are operational in order for us to provide support in this way. In the event that they are not the only support we can provide will be over the phone or by email/ticket.


Onsite Support Services

BaseHost do not supply an onsite support service. All ongoing services are provided remotely.

Based on this arrangement, it is expected that a client will provide a nominated person or persons that the BaseHost teams can correspond with that is available on site to receive goods, place equipment or observe in-person events and report back to BaseHost so that we can perform the support service. This person does not need to be technical but does need to be available to the BaseHost team from time to time to perform the remote functions that physically require someone onsite.

BaseHost do however attend clients sites from time to time for implementation and projects but support is not provided onsite unless there is a fault that requires one of our staff or agents to attend the site. In the event that a local issue or fault occurs, BaseHost would attempt to work with the local customer contacts and any associated third-parties to remedy the fault in the first instance. In the event that this has been attempted without success or it is not possible to facilitate a fix remotely, BaseHost will dispatch a suitably qualified person to resolve the issue in person and on site at no cost to the customer.

Note: If a client requests that BaseHost staff attend onsite for support purposes and the issue can be resolved remotely, the client will be advised that this is a chargeable request on an hourly basis and will be charged at our standard hourly rate include any costs related to the travel requested.


Third Party Vendors and Client Administrative Access

When BaseHost provides a managed service of any kind, we are responsible for the environment we are managing. If a customer wishes to have a third-party or someone in their organisation administer or configure an environment that BaseHost are responsible for, that is their right.

If this occurs, and unless BaseHost accepts via prior agreement, all further works on that environment will then become charged at our standard hourly rate without exception.

In addition, BaseHost prices it services and proposals based on the tools and systems that we have in place to operate the services we provide our clients. If a client expects BaseHost staff to utilise third-party systems, without prior agreement, to provide the services we have deployed, additional costs will apply for the additional time required to manage services outside of our regular processes.

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