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If you've chosen a website build from BaseHost, you have probably taken up the option to be billed over a 12 or 24 month period.

This means that rather than paying upfront for the build of your website, we charge you an amount (will differ for every client and website) per month from the start of your contract with BaseHost. 

The billing or invoicing for this service will occur every month on that same anniversary date for the length of your contact. During that time, you could vary your service (by adding additional pages or custom modules that you ask us to build for you) which would mean that the amount charged to you every month could vary. If however you don't make any changes, this will stay the same all the way through you contract.

At the end of the contract term you have a few simple options:

  1. We continue to host it and managed the site on your behalf for which you'd pay the relevant hosting and managed services fees
  2. We just host the site and you manage it yourself for which you'd just pay for the hosting and any other non-website related services you might have
  3. You ask us to give the site a facelift and continue to manage it for which you'd continue to pay for the hosting, the website on a new term and the managed services fees if you want us to continue to manage it.
  4. You let us know you want to move the site elsewhere and we'll give you a backup of your whole site (WordPress application files and database) for you to take elsewhere. 

Until your website is paid off (usually at the end of the contract term or sometimes sooner if you pay it out) the website remains the property of BaseHost. This means that BaseHost will not give out administrator accounts to you or anyone else who asks on your behalf. If you have a WordPress managed service plan with us, we can make changes you need us to make within the time limits of each of those plans. Our standard hosting support stops at the WordPress admin login. Any changes to be made inside the site will only be made under a WordPress managed service plan.

Why do we do this? It's pretty simple - we're taking a risk letting you pay the website over time. It benefits you financially but we still have to do all the work upfront. So to avoid people ordering up big and paying only for the first few months and then leaving with their site, we put this restriction in place. Once you've paid out your site, we happily create you an admin account. There are some other guidelines we have around admin accounts when WordPress managed services are active but these are related to accidental problems you might cause in a site that we're responsible for. The only time this impacts billing is if you are an admin whilst you have us actively providing a WordPress managed service and you make a change that breaks the site and we have to fix it - if we exhaust the hours in your managed package and you still want it fixed, you need to pay our ad-hoc hourly rate.

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