How long does it take you to respond to my ticket?



BaseHost prides itself on delivering fantastic customer service experiences in every interaction we have.

To ensure we are dealing with requests and problems in the most equitable and appropriate way, our support team prioritise their efforts based on the follow classification system:

  • Severity 1 - Critical: The ability to conduct business or service the customer has stopped.Examples: Server down, Network down, Web Hosting down for a whole company 
  • Severity 2 - High: Service is seriously degraded but can continue its operation via a work-around or incremental resource for a short period of time before business stops.Examples: Extremely slow system performance, network functionality becomes limited or has a “bug”. 
  • Severity 3 - Medium: Service is lost by a single or small number of users, affecting significant business functionality. Problems or incidents where a work-around exists or can be developed with a small amount of incremental resources. 
  • Severity 4 - Low: Problem or incident where single users can operate the system activities normal, but a definite problem is identified. 
  • Severity 5 - Request: Any call from single user or site groups that are requesting a new service or some clarification.Example: requesting a new user logon/computer, printer setup, meaning of a system message,

Managed Services worked is covered within Priority Five (Requests). Requests are actioned based on the order they were received. We generally aim to process requests within 48 business hours of receiving them (this is the SLA time for requests) and quite often get them started a lot sooner. Once started, we aim to have them completed quickly. In the most part, this is possible if we have a clear instruction but sometimes it takes a couple of interactions with you to clarify a request before we can proceed and complete it.

As Managed Services have a time-based component associated to them, our support agents record how much time is spent on each ticket so you can keep track of how much you've used in a given month.


Severity Helpdesk Response Time Tech Support Team Response Time Target Resolution Status Update
Severity 1 30 mins 2 hours 4 hours Every 2 hours
Severity 2 30 mins Same business day 1-2 business days Every 4 hours
Severity 3 30 mins Same business day 2-3 business days Every 8 hours
Severity 4 30 mins Next business day 3-4 business days Upon Closure
Severity 5 1 hour Next business day 2-5 business days Upon Closure

Problem Resolution Control

Estimated Turn-Around time for a case to be resolved depending on its Severity (ETA Call Response Time)

Status updates for priority 1 and 2 will be via phone first, if client is not available a message will be left. If no message can be left a brief update will be sent via email.

Status updates for priority 3 - 5 will be via email, unless specifically requested by the client on a case by case basis.

Target resolution is not a guaranteed resolution time, as every problem is different and out of scope delays may occur, these include waiting for vendor/client (e.g. waiting on Microsoft  to resolve a fault with their platform) and/or any delays caused by third parties.

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