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Instructions for copying calendar events from a secondary calendar to the default calendar using Outlook 2013 desktop client. Only events on the default calendar display free/busy times to others.

NOTE: If you are using Outlook Web App (OWA), please refer to Office 365 - Outlook Web App - Moving events from one calendar to another .

There are two methods for copying events to the default calendar in Outlook 2016.

Drop and drag
1. Open Calendar.
2. Activate the source calendar and your default calendar (make sure the calendars are checked on the left so the events appear on the right). 
3. Select the event you want to copy by clicking and holding.
4. Drag the event to the default calendar and drop. The system will place the event in the same day/time. NOTE: If the event is part of a series, you will be prompted to choose Copy series or Copy selected occurrences.

Use "Copy to My Calendar"

1  Open the desired calendar.
2. Open the event to be copied. If you are copying a series, make sure to select the entire series. Click OK. The event will open in a new window.
3. In the Appointment Occurence tab (or Appointment Series tab for recurring events), click Copy to My Calendar
4. Click Yes to save your changes.  A copy of the event will appear on your default calendar, thus blocking your time.

Don't have the desktop client?
Employees should find Outlook 2016 on their office computers as part of the Office Suite.  Go to Start and search Outlook. Follow instructions as presented.
Employees and students may download Outlook desktop client to their personal devices through the Outlook Web App as part of their free Office license.

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