Office365 - Move an existing Microsoft Tenancy


This process outlines what is required to migrate an existing Office365 tenancy for a new client (i.e. the tenancy is not already in the BaseHost partner portal).

1. Go to BaseHost Partner Centre Dashboard
2. Navigate to Customers
3. Click "Request a reseller relationship"
4. Either copy the text/link that is provided and send it to the customer OR Login as the customers' admin to their existing Office365 in a separate browser and run that link
5. When prompted, click the checkbox to confirm and accept the request

The customer will now appear in the BaseHost customer list in the Partner Center Dashboard
6. Within the Partner Centre Dashboard, create the equivalent set of subscriptions as the old environment
7. Purchase the appropriate number of subscriptions from the BaseHost (USE IMPORT PLANS)
8. Login to client account and complete the Import process on the Office 365 Service (Use information from BaseHost Client Portal - If none of the Global Admin access credentials are known, create one - USE PROVIDER option in Nuvelink settings)
9. Go back to WHMCS Admin, find the IMPORT order, go to it and then the specific product line item and run the CHANGE PACKAGE command to deploy the seat count to the Partner Portal
10. Confirm that the subscriptions have provisioned in the Partner Portal
11. Confirm that all existing user accounts are now visible in the Office 365 Client Admin Portal
12. DONE


- Only after this is created should additional orders be placed for new or more services.
- When the existing setup has been completed moved across, the customer should be advised to cancel the service they previously had to avoid being billed twice for the same services.

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