How to change the default reply settings in the Outlook Web application

Change your email reply settings from the default: Reply-All to Reply (and vice versa)

Log into your account and then click on the Outlook link to log in to your Web Outlook application:

Once you’re in Outlook Web App – you may notice one of these doesn’t match – that’s because there are two styles – Classic and New.

If you kept Outlook in its Classic form:

  • Go to Settings Classic Gear>Mail (under the heading “Your app settings”)
  • In the Options pane: under Mail>Automatic processing>Reply settings
  • Choose the option for Reply and hit Save

However, If you choose to “Try the new Outlook”:

  • Go to Settings NewLookGear>View all Outlook settings
  • Select Mail>Compose and reply
  • Choose the option for Reply and hit Save


NOTE: If you make this change, you can revert them by hitting the dropdown and selecting “Reply all” if you so choose.



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