Park a call in Teams

Call parking in Teams is very useful if you want to swap devices you've taken a call on or if you want to park a call for someone else until they become available to take that call.

To place a call on hold on one device and pick it up from another device, also known as parking a call, click More actions More options button in your call window and select Call park Call park .

After you park the call, Teams will give you a unique code you can use to retrieve the call. If someone else is retrieving the call, copy the code and share it with them.

To retrieve a parked call, go to the speed dial tab, click Unpark Call park , and enter the park code.

Retrieve a parked call dialog

Retrieving a parked call on a mobile phone (Teams App) or a Teams-enabled Deskphone follows a similar concept.

On a mobile, open the Teams App and press the Call + button: 

Then click the Call Park button:

This will bring up a dialogue for you to enter the parked call code you receive from the place you parked your call.

If no one picks up a parked call within 5 minutes, it’ll ring again.


Note: If you don't see any options for call parking in your settings, talk to your IT Admin.

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