How to Unlink (Sign Out) OneDrive from Windows 10

How to stop syncing OneDrive files to your PC? Need to unlink OneDrive and sign in with a different Microsoft account? If you use the same Microsoft account on multiple computers, you may not want to synchronize OneDrive on every PC. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to easily unlink (sign out) OneDrive from Windows 10.

How to Unlink (Sign Out) OneDrive from Windows 10?

Right-click on the OneDrive icon in the system tray of Windows 10 taskbar, and then click Settings.

The Microsoft OneDrive Settings dialog should now come up. Click the Account tab at the top, and then click the Unlink this PC link.

A pop-up dialog box will open for the confirmation if you want to unlink account on this PC. Click the “Unlink account” button.

Now you’ve successfully unlinked OneDrive from your current Microsoft account, and Windows 10 will no longer sync your OneDrive files. However, all your previous OneDrive files will remain on this PC. If you want to delete them, just open File Explorer and delete all files located in C:\Users\account_name\OneDrive\.

That’s it!

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