How to request remote assistance from BaseHost

This article covers how to request remote assistance from BaseHost

BaseHost provides 24/7 support coverage to all of our customers. Customers who take up our Managed Services plans gain access to additional support services.

This article is prepared for the following:

  1. Customers who have an active Managed Service with BaseHost
  2. All BaseHost customers who experience problems that cannot be resolved through ticket, live chat or telephone support

Ongoing Remote Support

Customers who have an active Managed Service are required to install and configure a customised BaseHost version of Teamviewer which can be downloaded from here: . This installation should be configured with an unattended password that is provided to BaseHost so that we can access your computer when you need us to. Whilst this is not a requirement, it may require some additional questions and time when you request support.

The process of installation and setting up unattended access is described below:


Step 1: Download the BaseHost Teamviewer File

In a browser go to to download the BaseHost Teamviewer file.


Step 2: Run the Teamviewer Host Installation

Locate the downloaded file and run that file. The first window that appears will be as per the screenshot below. Click Next on this first screen to start the process.


Step 3: Select Environment

Choose Company / Commercial use and click Next. 


Step 4: Accept the License Agreement

Check the box that states "I accept EULA and the DPA" and click Continue

After Step 4, Teamviewer is installed and there is still some work to do to finish the configuration.

Step 5: Setup Unattended Access

When the unattended access window appears, click Next to continue the setup.


Step 6: Confirm Unattended Access Information

You can leave the Computer name as it has been set. For the purpose of setup, we want you to use the following password: BaseHost123!

Once you have entered the above password in the Password and Confirm password fields, click Next to continue


Step 7: Complete Unattended Access setup

When asked if you want to add this computer, select I don't want to create a Teamviewer account now.

This final step concludes the step in the unattended access and you will be shown a completion screen as below:


Sometimes the unattended access process does not appear and in these cases, you will need to manually open Teamviewer and set a password.


Step 8 - Open Teamviewer and Manually configure the password

Locate Teamviewer in the system tray area (usually in the bottom-right of screen located near the clock) of your Windows machine and open it so you can see the Teamviewer window showing the BaseHost logo:

Click on the Gear icon to open settings.

Open the Advanced Tab on the left and this click on Show advanced options.

On the right-hand side, scroll down until you see the section named Personal password and enter the temporary password BaseHost123! in the Password and Confirm password fields then click on OK at the bottom.


Quick or Spontaneous Support

From time to time, customers encounter problems which are hard to diagnose or resolve over the phone or through support ticket. If we assess that it could be a problem for one of the services we provide, we might ask you to download and run the Quick Support tool that doesn't install anything but just runs temporarily to allow us access to see what is going on and hopefully fix the problem.

The Quick Support tool can be downloaded from here: 

Instructions on how to use the Quick Support tool can be found here:

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