An introduction to our Web Hosting

The BaseHost platform is built on the Odin Automation platform. This platform itself is essentially for managing how we operate, bill and manage our clients. When it comes to Web Hosting, the Odin Automation platform makes use of Plesk Onyx servers to provision, manage and run these services. 

In short, when you buy a Web Hosting service from BaseHost, it runs on Plesk Onyx servers managed and controlled by Odin Automation.

These two vendors and their respective platforms are absolute world-leaders in their space and provide a solid platform for BaseHost customers to run their services. 

As a business, BaseHost has some key philosophies that we abide by when we deliver up platforms and services for our customers to use:

  1. Core business services need to run from enterprise-grade locations
  2. Customer service nodes should not be oversubscribed where it affects client where it can impact client services
  3. Everything that can be backed up should be backed up and backups should be tested, frequently.
  4. Ensure systems are updated and secure at all times
  5. Core system monitoring must be in place and must be overseen by trained engineers to respond to any incident quickly

This might not mean a lot to someone that's not technical but for the non technical person, this translates to a business that is serious about providing a top-quality service at an affordable price.

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