Plesk - Accessing Databases

After you have created a database and assigned a database user to it, you can access it from Plesk using the corresponding link in Websites & Domains > Databases. The links differ depending on the database type:

  • phpMyAdmin for MySQL databases
  • pgMyAdmin for PostgreSQL databases
  • myLittleAdmin for SQL Server databases.

Note: If the link is missing, contact your hosting provider.

When accessing a database with these tools, Plesk automatically uses the corresponding database user credentials.

If you want to access your database using other tools (such as SQL Server Management Studio) or want to give other applications access to it, you will need to provide these tools and applications with the following:

  • To connect to MySQL and PostgreSQL, you will need to provide the host name (or IP address) and the database user login and password. To view this information, click the Connection Info link under the database name.
  • To connect to Microsoft SQL Server, you will also need to specify the Microsoft SQL Server instance. For Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Plesk uses the MSSQLSERVER2008 named instance. Therefore, the host can be specified as\MSSQLSERVER2008 or\MSSQLSERVER2008. For Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Plesk uses the default instance (MSSQL 2005), and you do not need to specify the instance name.
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