How to set a default email address for unrouted emails in Plesk

Step 1: Login to the plesk account using correct credentials such as username and password.

Step 2: Choose the option “Mail setting”. This is one of the ways to get into this page. The other way to set a default email address is just click on the “mail” tab.

Step 3: This is the place where you have decided what has to be done with the mail for the non-existent users. The mail can be either rejected back to the user or default or the catch-all email address has to set. That’s all the process.

Step 4: Now, select the option “What to do with mail for non-existent users”.

Step 5: If you have to set the same default address for the multiple domains that you have, then you have to select the domains and then “mail for non-existent user “has been clicked.

Step 6: Once if you clicked, then select the “Forward to address” option. Here you have to enter the default email address.

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