How to increase FTP server timeouts


How to configure timeouts for an FTP site?


For Windows:

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager :
    • If Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2 is used: On the taskbar, click Server Manager , click Tools , and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager .
    • If Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 is used: On the taskbar, click Start , point to Administrative Tools , and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager .
  2. In the Connections pane, expand the server name, expand the Sites node, and then click the name of the site.
  3. In the site's Home pane, click Advanced Settings... in the Manage FTP Site section of the Actions pane.
  4. In the Advanced Settings dialog box, expand Connections , specify your time-outs in the Control Channel Timeout and Data Channel Timeout fields, and then click OK .

For additional information please refer Microsoft IIS web site .


For Linux:

Increase the following parameters in proFTPd configuration file:

[root@plesk]# grep Timeout /etc/proftpd.conf 
TimeoutNoTransfer 2400 
TimeoutStalled 2400 
TimeoutIdle 3800

Reboot FTPD

systemctl restart xinetd.service

set to passive mode

added the same rules in Plesk firewalls on all servers, rules named FTP Passive allowing incoming connections on ports 60000-65535.
setsebool -P ftpd_use_passive_mode 1

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