Certificate Authorisation Process

BaseHost supply a range of SSL Certificates. Depending on the vendor and type of certificate being purchased, the authorisation process can vary.

In some cases. you will be required to have a specific email address that a verification email is sent to (i.e. admin@yourdomain.com). In this case, this email address or an equivalent alias needs to exist to that you can receive their verification email and approve it. If you have an Office365 email service with us, you don't need to go to the trouble of buying another email account, you can simply login to the Office365 admin portal via the BaseHost control panel and add an email aliases to your account - this will route that email to you to approve.

In other cases, it may be required for you to upload a file which is known as the file-based-authentication method. For this method, the provider issues you with a unique file containing unique content that needs to be uploaded to your website in a specific place (i.e. yourdomain.com/.well-known/pki-validation/fileauth.txt where fileauth.txt is the file provider by the SSL vendor. Once that file is in place, and externally visible, the approval can be completed and the certificate can be issued. To upload this file into your hosting environment you can either use FTP or the File Manager accessed through the BaseHost Control Panel.

Alternatively, we provide an SSL Certificate installation service for a small one-time fee and take this headache away from you if you'd prefer not to do it yourself.

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