How do I forward a domain to another that is hosted on the same account?

If you are looking to configure a domain to forward to another that you have hosted with us, then you will want to create a domain alias. Typically this is required when you have registered the same domain with a variety of TLDs (or suffixes). For example let's say you registered and and you have your hosting all set up and working with You want to have bring the user to automatically.

  1. Login to Plesk
  2. Navigate to the primary domain ( by choosing Domains in the upper left corner, then in the list
  3. Choose the Domain Alias button
  4. Add your secondary domain as an alias:

You could also add it as another regular domain and set it up for forwarding rather than standard hosting. This works fine, but takes up a hosted domain in your hosting package. If you have a hosting package that only allows for a set number of hosted domains, then this method would take up one of those domains.   If you wish to forward a domain to one that is not hosted on the same account (or with Basehost at all), then you will need to add it as a regular domain and configure it for forwarding rather than standard web hosting.

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