How to schedule backups on Plesk?

Instead of doing a manual backup every time, you can also set schedule backups for the automatic procedure. Following are the steps to schedule backup of your domain (web site):

1.Click Backup in the Tools group.

2.Click Scheduled Backup Settings in the Tools group.

3. Specify when and how often to perform the backup.

4. Choose the backup repository files location:

*Domain dumps - backup files are stored on Plesk server.
*FTP - backup files are stored on the remote FTP. If you select this option, you need to specify the path to the FTP server, FTP credentials (login and password) and base FTP directory in the corresponding fields on the FTP Account Properties page (Home > Backup > FTP Account Properties).

5.Specify the maximum number of stored backup files in the corresponding field.

6.Specify the combination of symbols that backup file names should begin with. This will help you distinguish between backup files.

7. Select the Suspend domain checkbox, if you wish to suspend all domain activity during the backup. Note that suspended domains aren't available to the visitors.

8.Click Enable in the Tools group.

9. Click OK

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