My application requires PHP Safe_Mode to be off

If your application requires the PHP safe_mode directive to be set to 'Off' then you can disable safe_mode from within Plesk.

If you are installing to a subdomain, unfortunately you cannot disable safe_mode just for that subdomain. You can disable it for your primary domain and it will affect the subdomain as well. Follow these directions to accomplish this.

  1. Login to Plesk
  2. Choose Domains in the upper left hand corner and choose the domain to which you are installing the application
  3. Choose "Web Hosting Settings" or on older Plesk versions "Setup" under the Hosting header
  4. In the list of services at the bottom of the page will be PHP.
  5. To the right of the option to enable/disable PHP will be a checkbox that will allow you to disable safe_mode.

If you would like to check to verify that safe_mode is disabled, create a file in the web-accessible directory in question called phpinfo.php and place the following within.

Then access that page in your browser. The page will list all the php variables, including the safe_mode variable.

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