How do I set up my domain with Microsoft Exchange?

To configure Microsoft Exchange with your domain please follow these steps:

Step 1.
Login to your  account and click Domain Manager.

Step 2.
Click directly on your domain name to access the edit page.

Step 3.
On the domain editing page, select the DNS tab. Scroll down to Manage Advanced DNS Records and click on either link in this section, Manage Advanced DNS Records or New Advanced DNS Manager. Both links allow you to manage your Advanced DNS, but provide you a different format for viewing and editing your Advanced DNS records.

Step 4.
Scroll down until you find Text Record (TXT). Click Add New TXT Record and enter the Host and Record information as instructed by your hosting service provider. You can leave the TTL as it is. To save your record click on the green + sign under Actions. Once your TXT record propagates you will be able to configure the remaining settings within Microsoft.

When editing your advanced DNS the propagation time will be approximately 1-2 hours unless you are switching the Nameserver Information from Use Third Party Hosting to our nameservers, in which case the propagation time can be approximately 24-48 hours.

Please note: If your domain is currently configured to use a third party hosting provider by pointing to their nameservers you will not have access to the advanced DNS to make these changes. The Advanced DNS is only accessible if your domain is either parked, forwarding or hosted with Basehost.

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