How do I manage my spam filter settings?

To manage the spam filter settings for your email address please follow the steps below.

Step 1.
Login to your  account and click Hosting Manager.

Step 2.
Click the green button that reads Control Panel. This will open the Hosting OS in a new tab.

Step 3.

Instructions for Simple Email Customers:
Under Administration Tools click Email Accounts.

Instructions for Hosted Email Customers:
Under Sections click Email then Show Accounts.

Step 4.
Next to your email address click Options.

Step 5.
Under Spam Filters click Enable.

Step 6.
You can select your levels for spam detection and delivery in the drop-down provided. When you are finished click Update.

Within this section you can also white list and black list specific email addresses. For more information please review the section detailing the Rules on adding entries to white/black lists.

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