What happens to my domain if it expires?

Once your domain expires, it will be in the expiry status for approximately 40 days. After these 40 days have passed, the domain will fall into Redemption Grace Period (30 days) and follow the registry's domain lifecycle. Once RGP has passed the domain will be in Pending Deletion status meaning it will be released by the registry and made available for public registration.

Your domain is recoverable for the expiry and RGP status however RGP has a larger financial penalty which varies depending on the TLD.

If your domain is in expiry status please follow these steps to recover it:

Step 1. Login to your  Basehost account and select Domain tab.

Step 2. Click on the RENEW button near the bottom of the page.

Or you can visit the following page and follow the steps shown: https://store.basehost.com.au//cart.php?gid=renewals

Your credit card will be charged automatically, therefore it is important to ensure that your payment information is updated in your client area.

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