How do I access the Advanced DNS for my domain?

Important: If your domain is currently set to Use Third Party Hosting, the Advanced DNS will only be accessible through your hosting service provider.

If the nameserver information for your domain is currently set to Park with Basehost, Forward Domain or Host with Basehost you will be able to access the Advanced DNS from within your Basehost account by following these steps:

Step 1.
Login to your Basehost account and select Domain Manager.

Step 2.
Click directly on your domain name to access the domain editing page.

Step 3.
On the domain editing page, select the DNS tab.

Scroll down to Manage Advanced DNS Records and click on New Advanced DNS Manager

Note: Any changes that you make to your advanced DNS settings can interrupt your service. If you are not an advanced user, we strongly recommend that you not change these settings until you contact our support department.

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