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Each post in WordPress is filed under one or more Categories. This aids in navigation and allows posts and to be grouped with others of similar content.

Each Category may be assigned to a Category Parent so that you may set up a hierarchy within the Category structure. In creating Categories, recognize that each Category Name must be unique. Thus, even if two Categories have two different Parents, they must still have different names.

Links to your Categories are, by default, shown in two different places on your blog (assuming you are using the WordPress Default 1.6 Theme "Kubrik" theme). First, WordPress lists these Category as links in your sidebar. Second, WordPress shows all the Categories to which a given post belongs under that post. When someone viewing your blog clicks on one of these Category links, an archive page with all the posts belonging to that Category, will be displayed.

This SubPanel allows you to create new Categories, edit or delete existing ones, and organize your Categories hierarchically.

Manage Categories

Next to the Manage Categories text at the top of this panel is an (add new) link to jump to the bottom of this panel to begin adding new Categories. To the right is a search box where you can enter a word, or series of words, and click the "Search Tags" button to search and display all the Categories meeting your search words.

Table of Categories

This table lists all of your categories by row. Categories are displayed hierarchically and alphabetically; subcategories are displayed beneath their parents and are prefaced by long dashes. These dashed are not part of a category's name; they are there only to show hierarchy.

At the top of the table is the Delete button. Any Category that has the checkbox set will be deleted when the Delete button is clicked. Deleting a category does not delete the posts in that category. Instead, posts that were only assigned to the deleted category are set to the default Post Category (see Administration > Settings > Writing) . When the Categories are deleted, a splash message will appear at the top of the screen saying "Categories deleted."

The table of categories contains the following columns:

  • [ ] - A checkbox that when clicked (checked), 'selects' that particular Category to be deleted when the Delete button is clicked.
  • Name - The name of the Category. Remember each Name must be unique. Click on the Category's Name to edit the Category.
  • Description - Categories may have an optional description. By default, the description is shown to viewers when they hover over the category's link.
  • Posts - The number of posts which are members of the category.

Add Category

This part of the SubPanel, which is conveniently linked to from the top of the Table of Categories, allows you to create a new Category. There are four pieces of information associated with each new Category: the name, slug, category parent, and description.

Category NameCategory ParentDescriptionAdd Category

Edit Category

This part of the SubPanel only displays when you click on a Categories' Name in the Table of Categories. It is possible to edit four pieces of information associated with each Category: the name, the slug, the parent, and the description.

Category nameCategory SlugCategory ParentDescriptionEdit Category

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