How to Password Protect Forms in WordPress

The great thing about WordPress is it lets you add all manner of useful features to your site. Perhaps the most popular is the humble contact form.

But, let’s say you want to control who can fill out your forms. You can do this with the handy Content Locker addon for WPForms.

Here are some of the great things you can do with the Content Locker addon:

  • Password protect forms – Users will have to enter a password to submit the form. This protects you from unwanted form submissions.
  • Close form submissions on a certain date/time – This is useful for application forms with a set deadline.
  • Restrict forms to members – You can restrict forms to only logged in users which is ideal for membership sites. Businesses can also use this to restrict support to paying customers.
  • Limit the number of total submissions – Contests and giveaways can benefit from this. When the max number of entries is reached, the form will automatically close.
  • Limit entries to one per person – A great choice for free sample forms and giveaways, this option helps you avoid duplicate submissions.

In order to enjoy this addon, you’ll first need to grab the pro version of WPForms.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the plugin, head to WPForms » Addons.

Here you’ll see a list of addons available to you. Choose the Form Locker Addon and click Install Addon.

Now go to your forms list and click Edit on the form you’d like to password-protect.

Next click Settings » Form Locker from the left-hand admin panel.

From here you can set conditions for the following options:

  • Password – Enter a password for people to use to access the form. You can also add a custom message to the page.
  • Scheduling – Set a start and end date/time, along with a message for when form entries are closed.
  • Entry Limit – Enter a number for max form entries. Again, you can write a message for when the form is closed.
  • User – Restrict your form to logged-in users only along with a custom message.

What’s great about this feature, is it doesn’t just apply to the forms you create with WPForms. You can use the Content Locker to password protect your surveys and polls too. This gives you so much more control over your content.

There you have it! You’ve learned how to create a WordPress password protect page for your site. To top it off, we’ve explored options for how to password protect an entire WordPress site, along with locking your forms.

We hope you enjoyed learning about password protecting WordPress. 

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