How to Add a Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs section in WordPress

Adding a FAQ Manager in WordPress

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Quick and Easy FAQs plugin. Upon installation, the plugin will add a new FAQs section in your WordPress admin menu.

You will need to visit FAQs » Add New to add your first frequently asked question. The FAQ editor looks very much like post editor.

Add the question in the title field and answer in the post edit area. On your right hand column, you will notice the FAQ Groups box. These groups are like categories in WordPress posts. You can use groups to sort questions into topics or sections.

Once you are done, click on the publish button, and repeat the process for all other frequently asked questions you want to add.

After you have a few FAQs, it is time to display them on your website.

Displaying FAQs on Your WordPress Site

You can easily display FAQs using the shortcode in a new page titled frequently asked questions, or you can add it to any WordPress post or page. Quick and Easy FAQs plugin comes with multiple display options.

Display FAQs in a List Style

This option displays FAQs in a plain list where questions are listed at the top and users can scroll up and down on the page by clicking on a question to see its answer below.

Shortcode: [faqs]

2. Display FAQs in Toggle or Accordian

This option allows you to display FAQs in jQuery Toggle or Accordian style. A question will expand when a user clicks on it.

Shortcode: [faqs style=”toggle”]

Take a look at the plugin’s website for a full list of shortcode parameters.

Changing The Appearance of FAQs

The plugin relies on your theme’s colors and fonts to display the basic FAQs list. You can change its display in your theme’s stylesheet using CSS.

However if you are unfamiliar with the CSS, then you can use a plugin like CSS Hero to change any style in your WordPress theme.

This plugin uses a built-in stylesheet to control the appearance of FAQs in toggle style. It also provides an easy user interface to change colors of your FAQs. Simply go to Plugins » Quick and Easy FAQs to change the default colors.

First you need to select custom colors for ‘FAQs toggle colors’ option. After that you can simply choose the colors you want to use for each item.

Don’t forget to click on the save changes button to store your settings.

Change Display Order for FAQs

By default, the plugin shows the most recent question on top. Here is how you can change the FAQ display order and rearrange questions in anyway you want.

First thing you need to do is install and activate Post Types Order plugin. Upon activation, go to Settings » Post Types Order page.

First you need to select show next to FAQ and then select administrator next to the option ‘Minimum Level to use this plugin’.

Click on the save changes button to store your settings.

Now you need to visit FAQs » Re-Order page. Simply drag and drop FAQ titles to rearrange them in the order you want to display them.

Don’t forget to click on the update button to store your settings. That’s all, you can now visit your FAQs page to see your FAQs in the new order.

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