Plesk Installation - Create First Admin Password and Complete Default Install

This article describes the process you need to follow after your server EC2 server has been created and fully provisioned. The Plesk installation will already be completed if you selected that image during the order. 

For security, you will need to access the server by command line and obtain the initial password to Plesk so that you can continue the installation the browser.


  • You can obtain your EC2 server IP address from your BaseHost Client Portal is Services > My Services > (Your AWS Server Product) > Scroll Down and look for Public IP Address. In this documentation, you will see this denoted as your.ec2.ip.address for the purpose of the explanations.
  • The documentation below describes the use of an SSH key to SSH in to your server. The key name should be whatever your key is named and in the documentation it is denoted by "your-ssh-key-name"

1. SSH to the server

ssh -i "your-ssh-key-name" centos@your.ec2.ip.address

Enter passphrase for key 'ssh-key-1': 

Last login: Fri Sep 13 05:08:17 2019 from <your-ip-address>

This server is powered by Plesk.

To get the login link use the 'sudo plesk login | grep -v ec2.internal' command.

Use the 'sudo plesk' command to manage the server from the command line.

2. Get Plesk login link

[centos@ip-your-ec2-ip-address ~]$ sudo plesk login | grep -v ec2.internal


3. Use Plesk login link to create your password

In a web browser, browse to the link you obtain in Step 2 above


4. Create the Plesk Password

Create a password for you that you will remember and store it as it your main admin password to your Plesk installation.

5. Insert your license key

Locate your license from the BaseHost Client Portal by navigating to Services > My Services > (Your AWS Server Product) > Click Addons (on the right) and select the correct Plesk product. Copy the key under the item listed as Product Key and paste that into the Plesk installation process in your browser from Step 3 under "Proceed with a paid license".

Note: If you are having any trouble locating the license or need assistance, please contact the support team to assist you. You can add the license at a later time and if you want to do this, you can select the License option to "Proceed with a full-featured trial license" and then add the license in Plesk once the installation is completed.

6. Complete the Installation Process

Once your password has been entered, your license key has been added, and you checked the box to agree to the Plesk licensing terms, click Enter Plesk to complete the installation.

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