Requesting Firewall Exceptions

This article describes the correct process to follow when AWS firewall exceptions are required to be added for secured systems.

BaseHost are responsible to ensure the security of client systems and therefore our support team follow a structured process for enabling secured access to clients' environment.

If you are a staff member or an authorized contractor/third-party for a customer, you must follow this process to ensure access is provided in a timely manner. (If very urgent attention is required please call out support number)

Step 1: Provide us with your IP Address

Browse to and complete the form:

Click on Check Now above and it will populate the details below

Once populated, it should look similar to this:

The next step is to click on the other button above the form to submit that information to support. This will send the information to the BaseHost ticket system once you complete the next part of the form and submit it:

Note: If you are already authorised on the system but your IP address has changed and caused you to lose access, you still need to complete the process above but do not need to complete Step 2 below.

The final and required thing you will need to do is send us a support request by emailing from your work email address to request access. This ensures that you are the person that has completed the firewall access request and not just anyone who was gone to the link and submitted details.

Step 2 - Send a Support Request

Following the completion of the form above, you need to submit a support request to the BaseHost support system by sending an email to

When this request is received, we will ask you to provide authorisation from an authorised person within the third-party contractor or the customer who provides us authorisation to add you to the account.

The easiest way to supply this is for the authorised person to send an email to support stating that they authorise granting you access to this environment.

Note: If no authorisation is supplied, the BaseHost Support team will not provide you with access to the request environment. If the person making the request is the authorised person in our records we will grant access without a separate authorisation statement.

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